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Email Marketing Campaigns that Drive Conversions

Low open-rates? Miserable click-throughs? Zero conversions? We can fix all that. offers brilliant email campaigns that engage and convert your audience into paying customers. Let us handle your email marketing so that you can enjoy higher conversions!

Ready to build a powerful email campaign?

We’re an ROI-Geared Email Marketing Agency in the U.S. believes in providing exceptional email marketing services to businesses that need it. Perhaps you don’t have the time or the resources, or maybe you thought email marketing was old hat.

Well, email marketing is alive and kicking – even evolving at a staggering rate every year. With the advent of AI, user experience-driven, and data mining practices, we can provide reliable email marketing services that include:

  • Email marketing automation
  • Segmented and targeted email strategies
  • Intelligent, multi-step drip campaigns
  • Personalization
  • Conversion-focused email copywriting
  • UI/UX-based email designs

And loads more.

Why the Cost of Email Marketing is Worth Every Penny

Email marketing, on an average, has an ROI of about $44 for every dollar invested, yet not every business seems to be making the most of this.

It’s understandable. Email and newsletter marketing can seem overwhelming and time-consuming, not to mention uncertain because of low average open-rates. However, with, you won’t have to worry about any loss. Our professional email campaign creators will keep you informed throughout the process so that you can see your business’s ROI yourself. At our low email marketing pricing, you can get even higher returns.

Hiring Email Marketing Services? Here’s What’s in It for You

A well-executed targeted email campaign can give you better open-rates, more click-throughs, higher conversions, and fewer headaches. Every decision we take while handling your email and newsletter marketing campaign is carefully calculated and deliberate so that there’s a higher chance of great results like:

  • Increasing brand awareness and recognition
  • Nurturing leads by moving them along the funnel
  • Encouraging purchases without being pushy
  • Promoting your business with news and updates
  • Building loyalty and enthusiasm for your brand
  • Standing out from the competition by providing a better experience

And all these are just a few of the benefits you’ll get when you choose a competent email marketing agency like to run your campaigns.

How is the Cost of Email Marketing Determined?

It depends on your business and your business goals. Many factors play a role in determining how much or how less you pay for email marketing campaigns. Some of these factors are:

  • The industry you’re in
  • The size of your email list
  • How much revenue you’re generating
  • The product or service you’re offering
  • Your email campaign goals
  • The email marketing services you opt for such as personalization, segmentation, etc.

Email Campaign Professionals You Can Trust’s email campaign experts are driven by a passion for what they do. Therefore, our sense of reward comes mainly from watching your campaigns succeed instead of offering unreasonably expensive pricing plans.

All we do is generate and run email campaigns that work, and then monitor and tweak so that they’re even better, and then repeat that last step over and over again so that your campaigns are always improving. That’s what gets us going.

We’re always on top of the latest in email marketing strategy. If a new software comes out that can segment our audience based on their personalities without using surveys, we’ll know about it. Like we said before, email marketing is dynamic and evolving, and the industry is brimming with research that our email marketing agency is always up-to-date with.

Email Marketing Management Is Easy with

Our email marketing services include a strong collaboration with designers and writers to craft high-quality emails and execute smart campaigns like lead nurturing and drip email marketing plans. We’ll send out the emails, monitor the results, and adapt the campaign to improve conversions.

You can trust us to carry out the entire email marketing strategy for your benefit with minimal supervision.

Get a 100.9% Higher Click-Through Rate with Segmented Email Campaigns

According to studies, segmented email campaigns have a 100.95% higher CTR than non-segmented email strategies. Plus, the open rate in segmented email marketing is 14.32% higher as well.

Obviously, segmentation allows for more personalized content in emails instead of generic one-size-fits-all email communication. Personalization is where email marketing is moving towards.

If something as simple as adding the subscriber’s name to the email makes a world of difference, imagine the results when you personalize the entire email based on the person’s:

  • Demographics (like gender, age, and location)
  • Stage in the funnel (like new subscriber, current customer, cart abandoner)
  • Preferences (specific services you offer as opposed to all of them)
  • Interests (like romantic movie-goers versus action fans)
  • Engagement (like open rates, click-throughs, inactivity)
  • Purchasing behavior (bulk buyers, in-depth browsing, how quickly they checkout)
  • Device (phone, desktop, and tablets)
  • Website activity (blogs read, freebies downloaded, eye-tracking results)

And so many more. The potential is epic right here, and an email marketing campaign agency that can do all this can seriously help you boost your conversions and grow your business without you having to lift a finger.

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