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Content Marketing

Content Marketing that Attracts, Engages, and Converts

Boost your online conversions by delivering killer content your audience will love.

Our content strategists will plan, develop and manage a consistent stream of fantastic content to drive awareness, interest and profitable actions for your business.

Ready for a content strategy that works?

Why Do You Need a Content Marketing Strategy?

Because all content must have a goal.

If you develop and publish content without any necessary, measurable intent for it, your content has already failed. With a content strategy in place, every page you

write, every blog article you publish, every e-mail you send – all of it gently nudges your potential customers closer and closer towards a sale.

Our team of content strategists and content creators will put together and generate tailor-made content for every stage of your business funnel.

  • You need content that gets your potential buyer’s attention.
  • You need content that sustains their interest.
  • And you need content that gets them to open their wallets and give you their money.
  • You’ll also need content that remarkets without being pushy.
  • And content that nurtures loyalty and satisfaction among your buyers. (So that they tell their friends about you.)

As a content marketing agency with experienced writers, designers, social media pros, SEO gurus and more, can give you the perfect content strategy that will drive the bulk of your online business.

Take Advantage of our Content Strategy Pricing

The best part about the content marketing team at is that every one of us is driven by a love for smart, creative, and persuasive content. We are on top of the latest content strategy trends including the growing role of AI, automation, and personalization. That is why, with a low cost of content marketing services, you can get so much more value by hiring our content marketing agency.

What Makes a Good Content Strategy

The short answer is – results. A content marketing strategy is only as good as the number of conversions it drives.

But a good content strategy doesn’t stop at a sale. Our agency continues to promote remarketing and brand loyalty campaigns by providing relevant content to customers. According to Marketing Tech Blog, loyal customers are worth up to ten times as much as their first buy. The both of us can take advantage of this with some well-made content.

Like we said before, can formulate and deliver content for every stage of your online marketing funnel, based on your goals, and continue to nurture current customers which valuable content to drive even more sales. But we don’t just create and publish good, contagious copy, we also monitor and promote it. We can:

  • Work on building quality backlinks
  • Optimize your content for SEO and findability
  • Update content to maintain relevancy
  • Distribute content to many platforms to increase awareness and authority
  • Oversee the content’s performance using analytics, and refine it to work better

Increase Your ROI by Measuring Your Content Strategy

We’ve said that a content strategy must have goals. But how do we know if these goals were met?

We measure, tweak, measure, repeat.

Your content’s intended purpose must be tangible. Simply saying “increase my conversions” won’t do. Our content marketing strategists always create measurable goals so that both you and we can ensure that our processes are working well. Some examples of measurable content strategy goals are:

  • Increase subscribers by 150% in a month.
  • Reduce cart abandonment by at least 50% this quarter.
  • Get 500,000 page views in the first month.

Using a strong content marketing strategy, we can also pursue long-term missions like cutting bounce rate, increasing e-mail open rates, and weeding out the uninterested, low-quality traffic from the potential buyers. Tell us your goals, and we’ll get right on them.

Develop a Content Marketing Strategy that Works

Every business is different. Perhaps your sales copy is solid and you just need to boost awareness. Or, you could be looking for an entire customized content marketing strategy.

Whatever the goal, is your very own content agency, dedicated to helping your web content be irresistible to your online audience. We can give you all the B.E.S.I.C stuff (Blogs, E-mails, Social media, Infographics, Copy) plus more:

Persuasive sales copy your audience can’t ignore

When it comes to product or service sales copy, studies have shown that a single adjustment in word-choice can be the difference between a few odd sales, and a supercharged stream of profits.

Our copywriters are masters in the subtle art of persuasive psychology, NLP, and UX writing, and know just what words will resonate powerfully with your audience to drive conversions for your business.

Well-researched, interesting blog posts

Long, informative blogs flesh out your website’s authority and make you look like the leading expert in your industry. Our content writers have incredible research skills, attention to detail, and super engaging writing abilities that can adapt to suit your business’s tone of voice.

Scroll-stopping social media posts to engage your audience

Depending on your industry, it’s probable that your customers are hanging out on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or others. Each of these platforms has its own advantages and drawbacks, and a smart social media manager knows just what to post, where, and even at what time to get your audience’s rare and cherished attention.

Optimize for search engines with the right keywords so that people find you

Great content is worthless if your potential clients don’t even find it. With our search engine optimizers working alongside our content creators, that won’t ever be a problem. All the content on your website is carefully optimized for the keywords and keyphrases that your audience is searching for. Make sure your site is at the top of the results page, whether in the #1 position or in a featured snippet.

Design infographics and multi-media content that gets shared

Content strategy must always go beyond written content. Social media platforms like YouTube and Pinterest offer more opportunities for discovery and lead generation so much so that every marketing strategy must have visual content as well. With beautifully designed infographics and attention-retaining videos, you can stand out in a fatigued reading world, and skyrocket your conversions with visual content.

Scannable e-mails that get opened and inspire action

The average e-mail user in the world gets around 88 e-mails per day. So, if your audience is being constantly bombarded with newsletters, promos, and other junk all day, how do you make sure your e-mail gets opened and engaged with, and your audience never unsubscribes. Especially since the number one reason for unsubscriptions literally is – “I get too many e-mails.”

There are some depressing e-mail open-rates plaguing the e-mail marketing industry, even among people who actively subscribed to get e-mails. You need someone who can craft rewarding e-mails consistently, write enticing subject lines, embrace the power of personalization and automation and only then will you see some terrific results.

Develop e-books, brochures, and other marketing materials to boost your authority

The more quality content available to consume, the better. People enjoy downloadable e-books and other freebies. It positions you as the problem-solver, equipped with everything your audience needs to fix their issues. By providing leads with high-value marketing materials, you can ultimately influence a sale.

And monitor everything

From the percentage change in click-through rates to on-site behavior, a good content manager monitors everything so that your content strategy is a dynamic, evolving one. With regular refinement, replacing and revamping, a content strategy is never set in stone. It is simply the groundwork for goal-setting and provides direction, but continuously adapts to suit current trends, audience responses, and other insightful metrics.

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